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Need an expert on nutrition and food insecurity (hunger) who engages, educates and ignites audiences ranging from members of Congress, health care professionals, non-profit organizations, foundations, and college students? Clancy Harrison combines her research-based expertise (and deep experience consulting with clients who serve the low-income population) with real life stories to unite communities around fresh food and restore dignity to food assistance programs and food access. 

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Are Your Patients Food Insecure? Here’s What To Do, and Why

Geared toward health care professionals, this perspective shifting talk explores why acknowledging potential food insecurity in patients makes health diagnoses and treatments more effective. Learn why and how to screen for food insecurity as part of the patient intake process, and begin to use available tools and frameworks to develop treatment strategies that will actually work – based on awareness of socio-economic and other relevant circumstances of a patient’s life.

Transforming the Mindset of Hunger to Better Serve the Underserved

Food assistance programs on the national, state, and local levels are being threatened. With over 42 million food insecure Americans, the need to prevent dire budget cuts is at an all time high. Sponsoring Clancy to speak will bring statistics alive with real stories, which will allow participants to shift any misconceptions they may have about food assistance and see food assistance as a positive resource – associated with dignity and success – and act to preserve these vital programs.

Community Collaboration: The Secret to Winning the War Against Hunger

Many organizations are struggling to connect with low-income clients. Clancy will help attendees improve outcome goals, continue to receive funding, and positively impact health in their community. Sponsoring Clancy to speak will empower organizations to identify key partnerships to build rapport with clients and will learn proven methods to improve client engagement.

Worksite Wellness Programs: The Secret for Success

Geared toward companies, this perspective shifting talk explores how acknowledging potential food insecurity in employees can save thousands of dollars in healthcare costs. Learn the truth about hunger in United States, and begin to use available tools and frameworks to transform worksite wellness strategies that actually work – based on the awareness of socio-economic status and other relevant circumstances of an employee’s life.

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