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Speaker | Author | Food Justice Advocate

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Food Justice Keynotes

Need an expert on food insecurity and nutrition who engages, educates and ignites audiences ranging from members of Congress, health care professionals, non-profit organizations, foundations, and college students? Clancy Harrison combines her research-based expertise (and deep experience consulting with clients who serve the low-income population) with real life stories to unite communities around fresh food and restore dignity to food assistance programs.

Because of my commitment to food justice and pediatric nutrition, I work with nonprofits to provide an added service for their clients.

Pediatric Nutrition Workshops

With chronic diseases like obesity, hypertension and diabetes being diagnosed during childhood combined with high rates of food insecurity, establishing healthy eating habits and access to nourishing food is critical to a child’s development. It is time to take a radically different approach to pediatric nutrition.

In this workshop designed for parents, healthcare professionals and educators, Clancy brings her book, Feeding Baby, alive in her refreshing approach to infant feeding. Feeding an infant should be fun, not stressful or complicated. Participants will learn how to:

  • What the best first foods baby’s can eat at 6 months of age that are developmentally appropriate.
  • Properly introduce texture and flavor to an infant.
  • Encourage self-feeding techniques that are safe and encourage facial muscle development.