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“When it comes to making great morning television, keeping it visual and fun, no dietitian gets it better than Clancy! Her credibility and knack to think on the fly while explaining various nutrition guidelines is beyond measure. She has an amazing talent as well for creating a vibrant set filled with plenty of props to explain the topic at hand. Plus, she’s incredibly reliable. I know when I need someone who viewers respect and can relate to, one phone call to Clancy and it’s done!”

—Ryan Leckey, WNEP-TV (ABC), producer/host of “Leckey Live” on Newswatch 16 This Morning, one of America’s highest rated newscasts. (Nielsen 2017)


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Online Feeding Baby Book Reviews

  •  “This guide is far more than a cookbook, with the first four chapters dedicated to educating mothers on the importance of things like taste sensory, nutrition, food allergies, when to introduce certain foods and 100 ways to serve fruits and veggies. The pages are colorful, neatly organized, pleasing to the eye and easy to understand.”- The Washington Times
  • “Feeding Baby is a lot more than a cookbook. it’s a handbook for teaching flavor preference, with tips on introducing new foods and “proactive coaching”–being positive about food and encouraging kids to try new things without pressure”- Sally Zumemchak, MS, RD from Real Mom Nutrition
  • “Author Clancy is a registered dietitian and blogger behind Fields of Flavor. Her new book, Feeding Baby: Simple Approaches to Raising a Healthy Baby and Creating a Lifetime of Nutritious Eating, is the best overall baby meals book I’ve come across.” – Kath, RD from Baby KERF
  • “My favorite part of the book, though, focuses on teaching flavor preferences. I really think that most of the pickiness we see in children today can be prevented if they are taught early on. We spend countless hours teaching our children to recognize letters and colors, to sort objects, to play with blocks and puzzles. Yet we spend almost no time teaching children to appreciate food.” – Tamara Mannelly, MEd, HC, CHFS from Oh Lardy
  • “We really love this book because it aligns with our goal of helps to create good habits when babies and kids are young for a lifetime of healthy eating.” Natalie Monson from Super Healthy Kids