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News & Story Ideas

The Invisible Epidemic: The Hunger Secrets of Middle Class

Middle class is not immune to hunger. Hunger in America has been growing more rapidly in suburbs than in cities since 2007. Unfortunately, Americans believe hunger is an urban issue even though there is a higher poverty rate in the suburbs. Working directly with food insecurity among the middle class, Clancy explains why hunger is now attacking neighborhoods and how the face of hunger is changing.

Dignifying Food Assistance to Win the War on Hunger

Nearly 40% of people who qualify for food assistance do not utilize programs because of internal and external shame. Clancy will demonstrate how leading with food dignity has the power to transform the health of our next generation – to a healthy well-fed nation.

SNAP Works! Save the Farm Bill 2018

1 in 6 children survive on SNAP (food stamps) shielding 5 million children from poverty! With the emerging Farm Bill 2018 cuts, SNAP and other food assistance programs are on the chopping block. Clancy shares how SNAP forms a critical foundation for the health of America’s children and is fiscally responsible for our Nation’s economy.

5 Strategies to Eradicate Hunger

42 million Americans {13.1 million children} are scraping by to find their next meal. Many parents live with a chronic stress of knowing their children will go to bed hungry every night and wake to empty refrigerator. An undernourished child destroys our nation’s economy because a hungry child cannot concentrate in school impacting their adult earning potential as adults. Clancy discusses 5 proven strategies to fight childhood hunger in the United States to improve the health of our next generation.

5 Biggest Myths about Hunger — and how they hurt us all

7 years ago Clancy learned that we have the ability to transform the health of our next generation by replacing 5 common misconceptions of poverty with truth and compassion. Clancy has acknowledged her personal misconceptions with Congress and now uses her voice to deflate the stigma associated with hunger. Clancy will dispel 5 common misconceptions regarding hunger, poverty, and food assistance so we can better serve the underserved in our nation. 

One-Size Doesn’t Fit All: Transforming Healthcare

42 million Americans cannot afford to buy fruits and vegetables. Yet, most public health educators and healthcare professionals promote the impractical consumption of produce for disease prevention and management. Clancy will discuss why promoting broccoli and other vegetables to prevent diabetes does not work for a patient who doesn’t know where his next meal is coming from and strategies that improve patient’s health status. For many patients, it isn’t about the broccoli but access to a steady supply of food first.

5 Solutions to Affordable Meals

Hunger lurks on every street impacting 1 in 6 children across our nation. Food fear mongering in social media combined with high rates of food insecurity leaves many parents feeling guilty about the food they cannot afford to feed their children. Clancy provides 5 practical strategies and meal ideas to give parents the confidence to nourish their children on a tight food budget.

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