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Ignite: Fuel Your Organization’s Approach to Health and Wellness (through Hunger Advocacy)

Are you concerned about the growing rates of obesity and chronic disease with your people?

Are you a university, healthcare provider, or public health educator who aspires to lead the war on hunger but don’t know how to begin?


Do you want to improve employee health, increase productivity, decrease utilization rates, and save thousands of dollars in healthcare costs?

If you’re a healthcare leader—whether you run a nonprofit or government program, or manage employee wellness for a corporation or small business—and you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, you’re in the right place. And I’d venture to guess you can also relate to one or more of the following, depending on the context of where you work:

  • You feel frustrated because many clients don’t follow through with nutrition education, nor do they show up for regular visits.
  • Healthcare costs are on a constant rise and you feel like there’s not a clear solution to reverse the obesity epidemic.
  • You understand that obesity and food insecurity are connected, but have a hard time tackling both problems because patients don’t have access to nourishing foods.
  • You’re hitting roadblocks because your staff is spread too thin and simply don’t have time to add more work to their regular daily routine.
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I know these struggles well! 

As a Registered Dietitian with 20 years of public health experience under my belt, I came up against a lot of frustration and many roadblocks along my journey. It wasn’t until I began my hunger advocacy work that I learned how many people in the United States are overweight and cannot afford nourishing foods (food insecure). Instead, they consume cheap foods each day, such as instant noodles or pre-prepared frozen pancakes, just to name a couple examples.

And as a healthcare provider I made three catastrophic assumptions:

  1. I jumped directly into nutrition education and health promotion without asking one important question. I never asked my clients if they had access to or could afford nourishing foods.
  2. I (along with many of the doctors and healthcare providers I partnered with) assumed ONLY patients on Medicaid utilized food assistance programs such as food stamps and WIC.
  3. But most importantly, I was unaware of my ability to introduce patients to effective community resources. I didn’t recognize my power to breakdown community silos in order to effectively fight both hunger and obesity simultaneously.

What I now know from my 20 years of fighting hunger as a consultant and speaker for universities, community organizations, and corporations looking to manage healthcare and prevent chronic disease for their people is this: We are usually missing a critical step.

Blinded by our own privilege, we are not asking people if they have access to nourishing food. And as a result, our clients, patients and employees are not compliant—and, their health outcomes are often getting worse and worse.

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Today, I position organizations to lead the charge against both obesity and hunger.

Let me explain how.

Ignite: Fuel Your Organization’s Approach to Health and Wellness (through Hunger Advocacy)

In a comprehensive strategy day, I’ll help you strengthen (and potentially shift) the way you and your organization approach these topics—in a way that best meets your staff, clients, and/or community, where they’re at right now. Together, we’ll identify new and effective partnerships that will improve your patient health outcomes, without increasing staff workload.

The strategy day supports YOUR organization to:

  • Lead from strengths and passion, as well as to foster effective collaborations that better serve your clients.
  • Illuminate existing resources in your community that will improve its overall health, while also decreasing organizational workload.
  • Inspire employees to take a different approach to nutrition education.
  • Provide easy, actionable steps that will spring your organization into the kind of action that results in proven outcomes.
  • A strategic plan to secure effective and appropriate media exposure.
  • Discover best practices, curate innovative resources, and explore the latest, most relevant research so that you can be certain you’re on the cutting edge of advocacy.

Here’s how the strategy day works:

  • The strategy day is designed and customized for YOUR unique organization. Prior to our scheduled day, your organization will dive into my pre-strategy day workbook. I’ll prepare an action-packed day based on your responses.
  • Our work together is centered around your staff. Prior to our scheduled day, your staff will participate in a short, but laser-focused survey crafted just for you. This information is then used to develop a plan that will get your staff excited and engaged with your patients!
  • We’ll meet for a 60-minute, virtual, pre-planning session to review responses from the workbook and employee survey in order to co-create your strategy day objectives.
  • I’ll interview community partners that align with your vision before the strategy day. Based on your workbook responses, I’ll research and identify the resources you need to make your work a success.
  • Your strategy day doesn’t end when I walk out the door. There’s an entire community at your fingertips! Your participation is your “ticket” into a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, receive and give support, and become part of a thriving community of other hunger and childhood obesity advocates.

While the specific outcomes you achieve will be determined by your unique goals, here’s what your team can expect to walk away with:

  • A 6-month action plan to transfer our work from the strategy day into a concrete blueprint based on current information.
  • Broad milestones with which to monitor achievements and assess ongoing results.
  • The groundwork for creating meaningful change (whatever that looks like to you and your organization) by stimulating strategic thinking and focusing on the organization’s long-term success.
  • A tight focus on what is most important— this includes any and all identified opportunities to better accomplish the organization’s overall mission.
  • A list of community resources (and contacts) who align with the mission—as well as a strategy for how to engage those community resources for mutual benefit.
  • A media plan that includes information to market the organization to both the public and potential funders.

“Clancy is currently working with me to refocus my farm’s mission. With diligence, focus and passion, she has proven to make the right connections with individuals, universities and nonprofit organizations to successfully put our farming project on a path that will impact fight hunger and improve the lives of many.” Liza Rolland, Tilling Point Farm

“Clancy is a precision hitter and navigates to the core of where my clients need to go. Clancy rolls up her sleeves & goes deep into the trenches. She does not consult from behind a desk or computer and sees the problem from the inside out.” Katherine Pohlidal, Director of the Women with Children’s Program Misericordia University

“Clancy embodies what it means to be an innovative agent of change. She inspires and empowers people, both young and old, to take their passions, skills, and knowledge to transform the world into a place that is more just and equitable.” Dr. Jennifer Thomas, Wilkes University, Vice President Al Beech West Side Food Pantry


YES! I’m ready to amplify our health and wellness!


But wait, there’s more!

You have the option of engaging me as you implement our strategy day plan.

You may be wondering, “What happens during the six months that follow our strategy day, Clancy?”

While you implement our plan to strengthen your outreach, engage the resources we illuminated, develop robust community partnerships, position your organization for media/thought leadership opportunities, and positively transform the lives of the clients or patients you serve, I can be in the wings supporting you (and troubleshooting with you) each and every step of the way.

If you choose an ongoing partnership (depending on your needs and budget), I can:

  • Organize and facilitate an intimate community “think tank” with key stakeholders to ignite your 6-month action plan.
  • Provide three onsite visits during the implementation of your action plan.
  • Provide six monthly strategic planning calls to keep your organization on track during your advocacy plan.
  • Identify appropriate media outlets for your work and assist with media press releases and pitches.
  • And if you’re located in Northeastern PA or interested in virtual dietetic services, I offer additional dietetic preceptor services to help manage YOUR dietetic interns who can provide additional free support for your organization. This may include curation of educational material for clients, freelance writing, blog publication, and social media management.
  • Together, we can a paradigm shift that transforms how health and wellness is approached in your community.


Here’s what industry experts are saying about Clancy’s work:

“Clancy has an extensive background in food insecurity. Her experience as an academic instructor, grant writer and administrator, and food service director all combine to make her a successful advocate and champion for those in need. Clancy has taught our clients to remove a key stress of food insecurity as they work for a 4-year degree.” Dr. Thomas Botzman, President of Misericordia University

“Clancy’s education, experience, and dedication has brought attention to food insecurity and lit the path to the development of programs that really work.” Meg Rowe Registered Dietitian, Delegate of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

“Clancy has a gift. Her workshops go way beyond transferring knowledge or information. She communicates so well with parents because she has a real passion for what she does, and she’s not afraid to share real life examples of what works and what doesn’t. Clancy has a way of putting people at ease and her method of teaching feels collaborative, like you are a part of something bigger.” Petra Plucenik , The Ark

“Clancy works hard to educate children and families with healthy eating practices in a creative and innovative way. Clancy has excellent communication skills in building relationships with families in poverty and has been able to teach them how to eat healthy while living on a budget.” Jill Cox, Registered Dietitian, Penn State Better Kid Care Program


YES! I’m ready to explore ongoing partnership!


Imagine the following for you and your organization:

  • Patients are engaged, feel confident to live a healthier lifestyle, and follow through with nutrition education.
  • New and unsuspecting community collaborations are formed within your network to produce greater health outcomes and deeper outreach.
  • Improvement of client health outcomes because of your new approach to eradicate obesity and tackle hunger.

You do NOT need to feel overwhelmed and under-resourced anymore. Our work together will focus on changes in one or more of the following areas:

  • Process improvement: doing the same work more efficiently and getting better results by doing more with less.
  • Strategic improvement: doing different work by changing your mix of programs to get better results.
  • Collaborative leadership skills development: create better solutions for complex food and nutrition problems.

Who should participate in a strategy day:

  • Any healthcare organization or non-profit working in health promotion, food assistance, and health/wellness who also works to decrease obesity and chronic disease.
  • Companies who are interested in worksite wellness programs and employ hourly staff.
  • Universities who educate future healthcare workers such as Community Health Educators, Nurses, Physician Assistants, Registered Dietitians, and Physicians.
  • School districts who want to improve school rankings, increase parent engagement, and improve overall morale of staff and faculty.

Who should NOT participate in a strategy day:

  • Any organization who is NOT willing to fight food insecurity (hunger) as a solution to chronic disease and obesity.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to live in a world where American citizens have access to their basic right of healthy, nourishing food; community resources did not compete against each other but worked together and combined their efforts; and patient engagement was not a constant battle?

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This is possible for your community… and I can help you!

What’s the Ignite investment?

This is a great question! As with any investment you make, it’s important to consider the price, along with (and just as important in my opinion) whether we are a good fit to work together.

Which is why my process includes an initial 30-minute discovery phone call. During this call (which is designed to support you to make the best decision for your business) we’ll discuss the investment details, as the price is determined based on the level of engagement we decide is needed.

But rest assured, I’ve priced this experience so that you’ll receive the highest possible value for your investment—and so that you have the tools to awaken and fuel your organization’s approach to health and wellness through hunger advocacy.

Schedule a discovery call by clicking here (this call is complementary and thorough to make sure we’re a great fit to work together). You’re under absolutely NO OBLIGATION to commit to the Ignite by scheduling this call. This call is designed to see if we are a good fit to work together and to determine if Ignite is the optimal solution for your needs.

If we mutually decide that Ignite is exactly what you need, you will:

  • Put down your deposit (you’ll be given a link and instructions on how to do this.)
  • Immediately receive the employee/stakeholder survey and the pre-strategy day Ignite workbook.
  • Schedule your 60-minute virtual planning session.

Let’s discuss how I can fuel your organization’s approach to health and wellness through addressing its hunger advocacy.