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Giving the Gift of Charity in the Spirit of the Holidays

The holidays are around the corner which can be very stressful. Too often, I find myself searching for the perfect gift for the person who has everything. The gift I am giving this year  is a donation in the honor of loved ones.

1 in 5 children {nationally} do not know when they will eat next. To make it much worse, our local statistic is 1 in 3 according to Commission on Economic Opportunity! As the president of the Al Beech West Side Food Pantry, I battle this statistic every day. We feed 70 families each week and many of them are your neighborhood children.

Giving the Gift of Charity in the Spirit of the Holidays

We have joined forces with the Wyoming Valley Montessori School {WVMS} and other organizations and created the Children Feeding Children Garden Project. The project is a sustainable solution for fresh produce for the food pantry recipients. A greenhouse will be built to sow seeds to transplants offering an opportunity for education while giving back to the community.

The children will learn about:

  • Botany
  • Food Sustainability
  • Eco-friendly Gardening Practices
  • Nutrition
  • Food Insecurity
  • Economics
  • Earth Science
  • Empathy
  • Building a Better Community


The transplants will be donated to 11 faith-based youth groups along with other student organizations in our community. The youth will care for the plants in their organization’s existing landscaping beds. Once the produce is harvested, it will be donated to the Al Beech West Side Food Panty. The remaining transplants will be available for sale generating income for the project. 100% of the donations will be used to educate students and fight childhood hunger in our community. WVMS students have already raised $2400 and you can help us reach the goal of $60o0 with a simple gift to a loved one this holiday season.

What you get:

  • A warm fuzzy feeling of doing something great for children.
  • Bragging rights for the best gift that represents the true spirit of the holidays.
  • Save money on wrapping paper and shipping costs.
  • Save time and stress with holiday shopping.
  • Cut down of packaging wastes which is better for the earth.
  • A voucher for a FREE transplant.
  • An opportunity to give hope to children.
  • An opportunity to build a stronger community.
  • A thank you letter with our EIN number and your donated dollar amount for tax deduction purposes.
  • Free updates on our project on our FB page: Children Feeding Children

How it works:

  • Download the 2 page Gift of Food form, Children Feeding Childre Donation.
  • Complete the form and mail into food pantry (address on form).
  • We will mail the honored recipient a certificate, transplant voucher, and a thank you note on your behalf. You can even offer additional notes to your recipient’s thank you letter. Please see the form for more details.
  • The thank you notes to the recipient will be the art work of local children.

To download your Gift of Food Form, click Children Feeding Children Donation Form. Also, my latest and most popular post: Stop Calling Food ‘Poison’ out of Respect for ALL Mothers.


3 thoughts on “Giving the Gift of Charity in the Spirit of the Holidays

  1. This is very much needed.. no kid should go hungry.. We give to the schools and also the people that are outside of the super markets asking for donations.

  2. I love when children get involved and give to others it teaches them a valuable lesson. My son has been hosting a coat drive since he was 4 and he looks forward to donating clothes coats etc to kids every year.

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