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Fighting Hunger with Children Feeding Children Greenhouse & Garden Project

Fighting Hunger with Children Feeding Children Greenhouse & Garden Project

Fighting Hunger with Children Feeding Children Greenhouse & Garden Project

Last year a greenhouse was built in the spirit to fight local childhood hunger. Because of many collaborators, our grassroots effort to fight hunger with fresh produce and dignity became a reality. Today, there is 1 greenhouse, 4 gardens, and 16 collaborators!

The greenhouse is located at the Wyoming Valley Montessori School in Kingston, Pa. The curriculum based program teaches children to cultivate transplants, garden, cook with fresh food, and give back to the community. 70% of the transplants are donated to other  youth-based organizations to grow fresh food to fight hunger using edible landscaping techniques. Once the produce reaches the food pantry, Clancy and her team of Dietetic students provide nutrition education and cooking demonstrations.

Children Feeding Children Featured Recipes

The recipes always feature the fresh food harvested from the project or donated by other local farms such as Old Tioga Farm and Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative. And of course, children are always involved the cooking process. If you are interested in cooking activities for kids, click on the blue button for instant access.

Get 30 Cooking Activities for Kids

Parmesan Corn & Zucchini

If you are interested in these recipes, make sure you subscribe to our FREE meal planning email course. The course includes 3 weeks of meal plans that aim to feed a family of 4 on a very tight food budget. The meal plans include shopping lists and links to great tasting recipes your family will love. There are also cooking strategies that save you time, reduce food waste, and save you money!

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Our Gratitude to Many Donors & Collaborators

Shades Unlimited

Encompass Services, LLC

Shawnee Concrete 

Wyoming Valley Montessori School

Wyoming Valley Children’s Association

Women with Children’s Program Misericordia University

The Pennsylvania State University Nutritional Sciences Academic Programs

Marywood University Nutrition & Dietetics Department

Misericordia Service Learning Programs

University of Scranton CHED Service Learning Programs

WNEP Home & Backyard

Al Beech West Side Food Pantry

Church of Christ Uniting Church 

Temple B’nai B’rith 

Girl Scout Troop in Kingston, Pa

2 Head Start Class in Kingston, Pa

Jenny Lynn Elementary School

And many many individual monetary and fresh garden donors!

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