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Speaker | Author | Food Justice Advocate

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The Organization + Clancy Connection

As a consultant, Clancy partners with universities, nonprofits, healthcare organizations, foundations and other organizations that are seeking to reach low-income families. As a registered dietitian, food justice advocate, and thought leader, she has a unique lens on how companies can connect to the people they are trying to serve so they can truly engage and empower them. And yes, while this is the right thing to do, it’s also what her clients must do if they are going to hit their outcome goals, continue to receive funding and positively impact health in their communities.


The Pediatric Nutrition + Clancy Connection

With over 15 years of pediatric experience, Clancy is leader in community health with a focus on pediatric nutrition as a Food Justice Advocate. Clancy is on a mission to transform the way healthcare professionals, educators, and parents approach childhood nutrition in the United States. A catalyst for social change, Clancy challenges outdated feeding practices and ignites the discussion of food access for all children. Combining both of her basic principles of dignifying food assistance programs with encouraging children to experience a variety of foods through sensory exploration has the power to transform the health of our next generation.

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Other services available:

Spokesperson & Curriculum Development

Pennsylvania State University’s Better Kid Care Program

Clancy contributes to curriculum development and is frequently featured as a best practice in pediatric nutrition. Better Kid Care provides evidence-informed professional development to early care educators and youth development professionals to improve the quality of practices. Online training is available for child care professionals with more than 200 relevant modules.



Freelance Writer

Egg Nutrition Center

Clancy is a freelance writer and has published articles regarding pediatric feeding and food insecurity in various publications across the nation. Her most recent national publication was with the Egg Nutrition Center regarding Food Insecurity, Transforming Healthcare to Fight Hunger. She also contributed to an Affordable Foods infographic with Egg Nutrition Center.